Areas of Exploration & Action

Purpose: The forces of the future including globalization; the need for speed; the value of partnering; and the increasing rate of change all conspire to bring the diverse quality community together in meeting the needs of its constituents.

Some multi-national Quality Organizations share similar visions and missions — to improve performance excellence through quality — and desire to serve the needs of organizations and individuals as they progress towards excellence, it seems fitting that those organizations cooperate in serving needs in ways that advance the cause of performance excellence to the mutual benefit of all.

Those organizations have for many years co-operated and shared platforms. They are however convinced that specific areas of co-operation can be identified and explored in a concrete, results-oriented manner. Below are examples, which will act as initial exploratory areas:

The World Alliance for Quality proposes in the future to further build partnerships into a broadly based Alliance, drawing in other similar federations and organizations.